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Where do you cater?
We cater anywhere through out Florida. There are no extra chrges for travel.

I need more information. Please explain your packages and how it works.
There are no overages no matter how much we serve! We do not keep count! Each package guarantees the minimum of how many crepes and time you will receive. if we are still serving once your guaranteed time is up, we will simply keep serving for free until we run out of food or until everyone is satisfied!

You say there are no overages, but you have a crepe count listed. Please explain
Its very simple, the food is not infinite it will eventually run out! We just keep serving wthout keep track of how much or how many we serve. Bigger packages simply means more coolers of food for your event.

We know how much food the coolers will hold but, please keep in mind that other caterers know that as well! Any successful caterer is not catering at a loss by bringing perishable food that isn't paid for. So, you are going to pay for all the food one way or another. You either pay one low fixed price with us, or you pay a variable price with them with all those extra fees and charges. It's your choice!

Is there a charge for travel?
Travel is included in our prices for anywhere in Florida from Key West to Jacksonville. Any where in Georgia is an extra $100 charge

What menus are included in the price? 
ALL 3 of the entree, vegetarian and dessert menus are included in the price. If it is a morning catering, then the breakfast menu also is included for free. (that's 4 menus for 1 price) If you choose, the entrée(meat) menu can be excluded or exchanged for the kosher(no pork) menu.

Do I have to choose which crepes I want?
No. The best part of having a crepe station with a personal chef is that every crepe is made to order fresh, right before your eyes any way your guests want! They simply choose a crepe from the menu or build their own from the ingredients in the menu.  That way nobody is ever stuck with what they do not want!

Are there any other charges whatsoever?
No. We believe in upfront pricing. Once your catering is booked, we will send out an invoice with the final amount on it. You will know exactly what you are paying before we arrive. We can even send you an estimate just in case you're curious.

So you charge by the hour?
You are paying for a Complete Catering Package not just the time.  The numbers listed simply guarantee at least that amount of time and food.  A last call will be given. If people are still hungry we will keep serving until everyone is satisfied or until we run out of food.

What is a Miami Crepe?
A Miami Crepe is a hand held crepe.

What if I need the crepemaker to just stand there all night long and wait until I tell the chef to leave?
You will need OPTION 4. This option has no preset out time. Your crepemaker will stay and wait until you dismiss your chef even if nobody is ordering food. If the orders from your guests are nonstop, you are guaranteed at the very least 4 hours of nonstop crepes. (250 crepes max.)

Do the timeframes listed include set up and breakdown?
An extra hour to setup and an extra hour to breakdown will be needed and is free.

Do I need to provide plates and utensils?
Do I need to set up tables and chairs for a dining room?
No. The crepes are hand held so there is no need to provide flatware or to have a dining room especially if you're having a large party. Dining rooms or eating areas take up a lot of space. However, for the convenience of some of your guests you might want to have some handy just in case someone would prefer flatware. Neither are necessary to eat our crepes.

What do you need from me?
A 6' by 6' square foot of space or a bar or a kitchen with access to 1 electrical outlet and a trash can that's it! We provide the crepe station or can use an area designated for service staff even your own kitchen in the house.  No other equipment, tables, or anything else is required. Your personal crepe chef will also have an extension cord so the set up does not have to be exactly on top or near a plug however, please think of the extension cord and where it will lay.  You don't want people tripping over the cord.

Exactly how many crepes are we talking about?
Your chef will average a crepe a minute and the package you choose guarantees you at least that amount of crepes.   Please remember that the coolers can only hold a set amount of food. More guests means bigger coolers. You don't have to get the guest count perfect but, there is a huge difference between 40 and 80 guests and once the coolers go empty that's it!. If your guest count changes greatly, just let us know so that we can prepare. You don't have to worry about a few extra people, just a few extra dozen or 3 dozen if you know what we mean.

Where should I have you set up your crepe station?
Indoors or outdoors it doesn't matter. If you have a kitchen or a bar you would like to use we can accommodate you.  There isn't any smoke created from our crepe stations. If you are thinking indoors, please remember that crepes are being made to order so you don't want to be near anything such as delicate fabrics, furniture or very expensive paintings and the aromas from the cooking of fresh crepes will be present. Because no smoke is produced from our cooking we will not set off smoke alarms. If you are thinking about setting up on a carpeted area, some sort of drop cloth (6' by 6') will have to go down. Just let us know and everything can be provided

What are your prices?
All of our prices are laid out on our RESERVATIONS page and you can get a personalized price quote from our FREE PRICE QUOTE page, or simply join our CREPE CLUB.

How do I contact you?
SOUTH FLORIDA 305-301-8819
GULF COAST 941-875-1917
EMAIL sales@miamicrepes.net

South Florida 305-301-8819
Gulf Coast 941-875-1917